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Sick of Cleaning Up?

Tired of shuttling your family's things from one side of the house to the other—only to do it all again the next day? 

Do you feel uptight and anxious in your own home because all you see is a thousand to-do's? 

You have the family and home you always dreamed of, but...

A tiny, buried part of you feels like you got tricked into an unpaid career managing your family’s stuff. (GAH.) 

You don't have to live like this anymore!

Is This You?

How many of these thoughts have crossed your mind? 

  • "It's so hard to relax at home; there's too much to do." 
  • "I'm constantly harping on my family to put away their stuff."
  • "I'm always one step away from blowing up (and I secretly worry that this is how my kids and partner see me).”
  • “Why does it all fall on me?”
  • "It's just too much."

The Raw Truth Moms Aren’t Talking About

It’s demoralizing, doing the same things over and over—especially when you know in your gut that you’re capable of more. 

The constant picking up is making you irritable and (TBH) a bit ragey with your family—which only adds to your already-debilitating mom guilt.  

But the heaviest truth is this: 

Because you’re so preoccupied with the clutter and mess, your connection with your people is at an all-time low... 

And it’ll only continue to dip—unless you make a change.

Picture THIS Instead

What if walking into your home felt like walking into the most peaceful refuge you could possibly dream up? 

☑️ Everything in its place.
☑️ Nothing without a purpose.
☑️ Free of drama and distraction.

What if your home soothed your stress instead of added to it? 

☑️ No toys to trip over.
☑️ No half-finished projects that you know you’ll never get to.
☑️ No piles that give you guilt whenever you glance their way.

Just… space.

A home where the things—and people—that matter most to you are taking center stage.

Are You Ready for Relief?


Clutter is stealing your time, energy, and peace. It’s eroding your relationships and making you resent motherhood (when it’s not actually motherhood that’s the problem—it’s the house!). 


You shouldn't have to be a servant to your stuff. Your stuff doesn't own YOU; you own IT. 


You deserve to feel at ease in your own home, and you were meant to engage with your loved ones, not just clean up after them.


The good news is that this is absolutely possible for you. Here’s how. ↡↡




LIGHTER is my 5-week, self-paced course guiding you to declutter the 5 main spaces of your home—allowing you to feel 100 times lighter in your home and soul. ✨

The spaces? One week at a time, you'll clear out each of the following:

  • Week 1: Kitchen & Pantry
  • Week 2: Your Closet
  • Week 3: Common Areas
  • Week 4: Office & Tech
  • Week 5: Storage Spaces

Plus, an entire bonus module for Kids' Spaces! 

But most importantly...


LIGHTER Will Fix Cure Your Clutter Problem

Where most decluttering programs teach how to get rid of your stuff, LIGHTER teaches how to get rid of your stuff and how to overcome the mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you weighed down by clutter. 

After taking 1,760 women (and counting!) through my decluttering programs—as well as coaching many of them one-on-one—

I know how to get you through these blocks. 

This is what makes LIGHTER so unique—and incredibly powerful.


Meet Your Coach!

Hi! I'm Erica Layne, certified life & decluttering coach, bestselling author of The Minimalist Way, founder of The Life On Purpose Movement—and most importantly, a wife and mom of three. 🤍

A decade ago, I was drowning in STUFF. 🫠

Every night, after I finally got my kids tucked into bed, I spent my precious solo time (and my last ounces of energy) picking up sippy cups, blankets, train tracks, hot wheels, teething toys, mail, and dirty dishes. 🤦‍♀️

Then one day, it dawned on me—What if I just got RID of all that stuff?

So I did.

One small step at a time, I donated or sold more than half of what we owned. 

Slowly, I noticed that my shoulders felt lighter, as so much of my day-to-day stress slipped away.

I caught myself laughing more with our kids, because I wasn't so obsessed with how long cleanup would take, and I found the capacity to SEE and appreciate my husband’s contributions to our home.

The resentment that had been bubbling under the surface melted away.

THIS is the transformation you'll get from LIGHTER.

"This course was life changing!! To the point where I'm now getting started on going through it a second time! After I finished the course, I had so much more time on my hands, and I felt so much more satisfied and relaxed in my home."

Elisabeth Fjellro, LIGHTER Alum

"The practical information and mindset shifts Erica provided were the magic mix that propelled me into action. I finally tackled my clutter, both inner and outer. Erica’s approach to decluttering is empathetic, humorous, and inspiring; I genuinely looked forward to each lesson!"

Clover Cooper, LIGHTER Alum

7 Signs That You're the Perfect Person for LIGHTER

  1. You regularly can’t find things when you need them. 🤦‍♀️
  2. You waste an absurd amount of time and energy on your STUFF. (Gah!)
  3. You hesitate to have people over because of the state of your home. 😬
  4. You worry about the messages & values you’re passing on to your kids, regarding consumption & clutter. 💔
  5. Your mind feels as cluttered as your house. 🫠
  6. You shop to avoid your feelings.
  7. You WANT to declutter, but you worry about getting rid of the wrong things, not being able to get your family on board, and not being able to maintain it. {I've got you!}

Get ready to feel LIGHT.


with the option to pay in 3 installments


What You'll Get:

A top-to-bottom decluttered home, which means time, energy, and money back in your pocket! Plus, the ability to keep it that way. 👊

How You'll Get It:

  • 5 modules covering each of the 5 main spaces of your home {kitchen & pantry, your closet, common areas, office & tech, & storage spaces}.
  • A step-by-step strategy for each space!
  • A powerful mindset lesson with every module—to break through mental and emotional blocks you might not even know are there. (Yet. 😉) 
  • A robust, printable workbook that will help you solidify your new {clutter-free, distraction-free} identity. 🙌
  • BONUS: A full module focused exclusively on kids' spaces! 
  • BONUS: Access to the community Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share wins, and get support! 🙌
  • BONUS: Answers to YOUR questions—directly from Erica! We're diligent in LIGHTER about replying to student comments, so if you have a question or hit a block, we'll help you bust through it! 



If you aren’t completely satisfied with LIGHTER, we offer a full refund within the first 30 days to those who can demonstrate their effort and involvement in the course. What do you have to lose?

"Before I met Erica, I thought it was normal to constantly feel agitated and anxious at home. I thought that went with the territory (I have four kids!). It turns out, you DON’T have to feel that way. I only wish I could have done this course ten years ago!"

Sami Halvorsen, LIGHTER Alum

"Although there are several great decluttering courses out there, they all miss one essential thing—mental and emotional clutter. But Erica addresses this, and it's POWERFUL. I've taken several other courses, but none of them were able to help me with things I felt emotionally tied to. Thanks to Erica's approach, I was finally able to move forward and let go. I'm forever grateful!"

Sara Burstin, LIGHTER Alum

"LIGHTER helped me take action. Erica gave me practical tools that immediately helped me—and our family—lead a more intentional and calm life."

Gretchen Beyer, LIGHTER Alum

Live Lighter.

Pssst! May I let you in on the secret about LIGHTER?

It's not actually about your house. It's not REALLY about your clutter. It's not even about your relationship with your kids or partner.

LIGHTER is about recognizing yourself for who you are and defining who you will be.

  • Do you want to be a person whose mind never rests?
  • Do you want to be a mom who's so agitated at home that no one gets the best of her?
  • Do you want to be a woman who struggles to filter through the urgent in order to see the important?

I'm guessing, no!

Every piece of clutter you get rid of while doing LIGHTER is a distraction removed—and a vote for who you will be at the end.

As you let go of your things, you'll let go of an old version of you (the harried, unfulfilled, guilt-ridden you) and you'll set the stage (quite literally) for the new you.

I promise—You're really going to like her. 😘 You just haven’t been introduced, and THAT changes now. ↡↡

I'm Ready to BECOME Lighter