Spread Too Thin?

 Exhausted from keeping all of the plates spinning?

Do you ever wish for another copy of yourself so you could actually get on top of life?

Do you ever feel guilty because no one (not even your kids) is getting the best version of you?

In fact, in the quiet of night, you sometimes lay awake wondering if they're getting the worst version of you.

Pssst! You don't have to live like this anymore!

Is This You?

How many of these statements do you identify with? 

  • "I'm so tired from being everything for everyone."
  • "I chronically put my own needs on the back burner."
  • "I low-key worry about my relationships with my family."
  • "I feel like life is happening TO me."
  • "I barely remember the last time I wasn't overwhelmed."

6 Things That Are Weighing You Down


From my decade of work with women around the world, I've observed six things that are universally dragging us down:

  1. Self-criticism
  2. Perfectionism
  3. People-Pleasing
  4. Resentment
  5. Overwhelm
  6. Reactivity

These six things are damaging our relationships, destroying our self-concepts, and just generally sucking all the FUN out of our lives! 

The question then becomes—How do we get rid of them? 

Let Go


I’ll teach you my ridiculously simple (but honestly life-changing), 3-step process for transformation, and together—one month at a time—we’ll apply it to each of the six areas.

Not only will we let go of the old, we will become the new.

Together, we’ll move from...

  1. Self-Critical → Self-Accepting
  2. Perfection-Seeking → Self-Trusting
  3. People-pleasing → Authentic
  4. Resentful → Empowered
  5. Overwhelmed → Aligned 
  6. Reactive → Proactive

SO much lighter, right? 

Meet Your Coach!

Hi! I'm Erica Layne, certified life coach, bestselling author, podcast host, founder of The Life On Purpose Movement—and most importantly, a wife and mom of three. 🤍

I spent a LOT of years running on empty and ignoring the warning signs. I thought I was giving everyone my all, but in reality, I was only giving them a ghost of myself.

The tools and perspectives that I now teach brought me to LIFE again. Let's get the same for you.

"Two things I love about working with Erica: (1) Working with her isn’t WORK at all; it’s affirming and relieving! (2) She knows how to love people as they are WHILE cheering for their potential. This is unique—and invaluable for your growth."

Kylie H.

"Erica is my favorite coach ever! Both my work life and family life are getting lighter and lighter. She shows me where I’m putting unnecessary pressure on myself and teaches me how to let go and trust myself instead."

Heather A.

Program Content

Month 1: Let Go of

If beating yourself up worked, you'd be perfect by now. There's another way.

Self-Critical ↠ Self-Accepting

Month 2: Let Go of

Tired from holding yourself to such a high standard? You can REST.

Perfection-Seeking ↠ Self-Trusting

Month 3: Let Go of

How many times have you disappointed yourself at the cost of not disappointing others? No more.

People-Pleasing ↠ Authentic

Month 4: Let Go of

You don't have to give until you break. Learn to give from a place of overflow, not depletion.

Resentful ↠ Empowered

Month 5: Let Go of

Did you know overwhelm is optional? No matter WHAT? I've got you!

Overwhelmed ↠ Aligned

Month 6: Let Go of Reactivity

Does it feel like life is happening TO you? We're going to move you from the passenger seat to the driver's seat of your own life.

Reactive ↠ Proactive

Monthly Structure

Every month, you'll receive the following features—all focused on that month's topic—allowing you to come at it from several angles and really LET GO.  

  • Videos modules from Erica
  • A printable workbook for each topic—with transformational worksheets and space for notes
  • 3 live, group coaching calls per month
  • 1 monthly “Ask Erica” video (submit your questions in writing, Erica will answer on video)
  • A private podcast of all calls (coming soon)
  • An active, supportive Facebook group exclusively for Let Go members

Additional Features: 

  • Bonus accountability or celebration calls 
  • Bonus video/audio of Erica interviewing people in the wellness/mental health space

What "Let Go" Will Give You

  1.  An easy relationship with your kids
  2.  A calmer, happier home for your whole family
  3.  Freedom from the overthinking that keeps you awake at night
  4.  A willingness to disappoint others in order to honor your truest self
  5.  Relief from the staggering pressure of doing all the things 

Imagine a world—your home, your mind, your heart—that really looks like this. 

You are 100% capable of creating it. Let me show you how. 


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    "Erica taught me how to feel better without needing everything around me to change—this is gold!"

    Deborah S.

    "I'm so glad I took the leap! While there's absolutely a place in the world for therapy, I took away so much more from my coaching with Erica. The most important thing being—PEACE."

    Jen C.

    Let's Let Go

    If you're operating at even half capacity, imagine what you could do—in your family, your community, and the world—if you were operating at full capacity.

    I'M READY!

    Get on the Waitlist!

    Be the first to know when Let Go reopens—and get access to any discounts or bonuses we create exclusively for the waitlist!